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Facility Commissioning Group (FCG) is singularly dedicated to offering commissioning services advocating for Owners and Operators of building systems to provide a high level of assurance for proper installation and operation of building systems within performance tested guidelines set forth in the Owner’s Project Requirements  (OPR).  Facility Commissioning Group provides the Owner timely unbiased perspective of building systems installation, operation and performance.  Facility Commissioning Group facilitates building systems service and training events. The commissioning process does not alter the responsibilities of design professionals, installing contractors or their vendors, but rather augments the efforts of all parties to form a team sharing the common goal of achieving a quality product that promotes the delivery of safe, healthy environments for building occupants.   Commissioning turns over functionally tested systems with appropriate documentation and training for owners and operators.

FCG provides HVAC, HVAC Controls, Domestic Hot Water, Lighting Controls, Energy Renewable, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Security, Communications, Elevator, Fire Alarm, Fire Protection and Building Envelope Systems commissioning services based on an independent third party platform with direct to owner communication protocols. Facility Commissioning Group possesses complete in-house capabilities to perform comprehensive commissioning for buildings and building systems, including architectural, engineering and technical experts.  Our diagnostic capabilities include total system test and balance certified engineers and building diagnostic certified specialists.  Facility Commissioning Group is an AABC Commissioning Group (ACG) certified independent third party direct for owner commissioning services provider agency.

FCG Mission Statement:

Strive to achieve “optimal performance through accountability” by developing and executing state of the art commissioning process.

FCG Statement of Independence:

Facility Commissioning Group does not conduct non-commissioning business: we do not design, construct, or manage in other venues; therefore, our professional relationships are developed and maintained through the commissioning context.